The Life and Story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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  • Published : January 13, 2012
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The Life and Story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart better known as just Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptised January 27, 1756 in Salzburg on Getreidegasse street in the ninth house, which at the time was a part of the Holy Roman Empire but is now Austria. He was born to Leopold and Anne Maria Pertl Mozart in the same house he lived in until he was 17 with his mother, father and his big sister Maria Anne, she was his only sibling to survive infancy. He was baptised in St Rupert's Cathedral the day after he was born. His father was the deputy "Orchestra Master" of the court of the Archbishop of Salzburg, a composer, and a teacher as well. In fact the year Wolfgang was born his dad successfully published a violin textbook, which was a best selling "introduction to violin book". Wolfgang's sister nicknamed "Nannerl" commented on his youth saying that when he was 3 he spent much of his time picking out thirds, and they sounded good. When Wolfgang was 4 his dad started teaching his young son some minuets and other pieces on the clavier. While he was 4 still, Wolfgang could hear a piece one time and play it back exactly note for note and perfectly in time, sometimes even making changes to improve the music. By the time he was 5 he was composing small pieces, and at age 6 he knew how to play the piano, violin, and organ. In 1762 the Mozart family made several tours around Northern Europe where Wolfgang and his sister Nannerl would perform starting at the court of Prince elector-Maximilian the third in Munich and then to the Imperial Court in Vienna and Prague. This led to the three and a half year long tour to the courts Munich, Mannheim, Paris, London, the Hague, once again to Paris then on his way home he stoped at Zurich, Donaueschingen, and again to Munich. During this trip Wolfgang met many musicians with whom he familiarized himself with there music along with the music of the greats such as J.S. Bach,...
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