The Lehman Brothers

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Thomas Bulger
Lehman Brothers
1. From an ethics perspective they weren’t successful at all. They were always cutting corners. All they cared about was the dollars and cents. They would reward employees for taking risks and ignored if you tried question their decisions or ethics. If the bank knew what was going on they wouldn’t have let that happen. But in my opinion I feel they weren’t caring about their company. They just cared about the money. They didn’t care about their stockholders or their employees. If their employee wanted to challenge a decision or complain about something they would be ignored or overruled. They had no respect at all for their employees so why would they respect the executives. The Lehman Brothers were showing their employees that it was a good idea to basically cheat the system as long as it gets you a good deal. 2. The culture at Lehman Brothers was very poor. The Lehman brothers would reward employees if they made extreme risks or made questionable decisions. They would ignore employees if they questions decisions. Another major problem with the culture was an employee was telling the executives about how he didn’t want to write off a tax deal because it wasn’t a good idea and the executives wrote it off and totally ignored the employee. The executives would also make careless errors and were much overpaid. Their carelessness and no respect for their employees was one of the main reasons why the Lehman Brothers failed. 3. The Lehman’s executives played a major part in the company’s collapse. They had no regard for their employees. The executives were basically showing the employees that it wouldn’t be a big deal if they cheated their way to the top. They didn’t care if the employees cut corners to finish a goal or made a risky decision. All they cared about was the money. The executives used an accounting device Repo 105 to get $50 billion dollars in undesirable assests off their balance sheets....
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