The Legalization of Prostitution

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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The legalization of Prostitution

The legalization of prostitution and always will be a topic of great debate for thousands of years. When society moral standard for what is socially acceptable conflicts with our inherit right to our body it's often to difficult to decide the right choice.

The legalization of prostitution would increase funding in needed areas by freeing up millions of dollars. Efforts to eliminate illegal prostitution costs the United States 13.4 million dollars a year, and has little effect on the amount of prostitution occurring (liberator 4). When Nevada legalized prostitution the well regulated brothels taxes became an integral part of the local economy (Amelia 2). Keeping prostitution illegal only allows criminal organizations to earn vast profits of untaxed revenue from the unregulated 100 billion dollar industry (Legal prostitutes debates). With prostitution being legal thousands of non-violent prostitution offenders would be released, freeing up much need space in our jails as well as our court system.

Possibly one of the largest calls to actions in our 21st century is the vast underground and highly illegal human sex trafficking epidemic that is being brought into the light that it occurs a lot more then we think. The legalization of prostitution would allow for a much more efficient regulation preventing under aged individuals from entering prostitution (Pro/con 1). Women who encounter abuse, crime or abductions would be able to seek police assistance without fear of being arrested or turned away (Amelia 1). Women would be able to seek police force freeing them from oppressive, and abusive pimps and criminal world wide sex rings (legalize 5).

The illegality of prostitution and other countries who oppose prostitution are only assisting with the rate of those infected with HIV/Aids only increase. By keeping prostitution illegal it pushed the business deeper underground away from any regulation(Liberator 11). Which...
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