The Law Relating to Companies

Topics: Construction, Building code, Building Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: October 15, 2011
City University of Hong Kong School of Law LW3902 The Law Relating to Companies Mid-Semester Coursework Assignment Semester B, 2010/2011 Instructions to Students: 1. The assignment is worth 50% of the overall mark for this course. The total word limit is 2,000 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography. You must do a word count and indicate the number of words on the cover page. If a paper exceeds the allowable word limit, only the first 2,000 words will be read and marked. You must type the answers in a 1.5 lines spacing format printed on just one side of a standard A4-size white paper. The font size of the characters should be “Times New Roman” and “12 point”. You must write down the course code and title, your name, student number, seminar section, cohort and tutor’s name on the cover page of your assignment. You must upload a soft copy of your individual assignment onto the Blackboard and drop a hard copy of it into a designated collection box in front of the General Office of the School of Law located on 5/F Purple Zone of Academic Building, from 21st March 2011 (Mon) to 23rd March 2011 (Wed). You must strictly adhere to the policy of City University of Hong Kong on plagiarism, which is a serious academic offence. Suspected plagiarism may be subject to disciplinary action. You may discuss your work with others, but you must provide your own answers. In case of doubt as to what amounts to plagiarism, please consult your lecturer. Any sources for your answers should be footnoted in the paper. You should cite authority (i.e. cases and/or statutes) to support your legal arguments, but again these sources should be noted. Example of proper format of citation: Case: Book: Liu Hon Ying v Hua Xin State Enterprise (HK) Ltd [2003] 3 HKLRD 347 Srivastava, D.K. (2007), Business Law in Hong Kong (2nd ed), Sweet & Maxwell, Hong Kong, pp.478-479 Statue: s.275(1) of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32) 8. Extension to the deadline for submitting the assignment may be granted...
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