The Law of Attraction

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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The Law of Attraction
Many people in this world live their lives without any aspirations towards greatness. They think that they don’t stand a chance of fulfilling any of the dreams or goals they might have. Their idea of “dreams coming true” are far from their imagination and stick around with the absurd idea of keeping their feet in the ground and stop day dreaming or even think about it. What they don’t know is that by just thinking about it, they’re much closer to their dream than what they thought they were. There are several steps to follow though, steps that will make you reach your goal a lot faster with just using your mind and that are what I’d like to demonstrate you. For a long time a thing such as “the law of attraction” has been around. This idea consists of reaching whatever goals or dreams you might have with just thinking about it. They’re many routs you can follow in order to achieve your desires. Different ways to finally live the life you always dreamed of having. There’re several steps to follow before you start seeing the results, but the way to use it becomes every time more and more effortless and becomes natural to you already because you’re going to make a hobby out of it. Before I read any book or became interested in any of this, my idea of the law of attraction was that you could attract almost anything you wanted into your life with just thinking about having it. For example, if what you really wanted was a book, you could just imagine yourself with the book. Although the idea basically consists of something similar, there is much more to it. One of my favorite books ever is called “The Secret”. This book taught me mostly everything I know about this certain subject. Although they’re more books about this that I’ve read, “The Secret” has to be my favorite of all. It states its point very clearly and it’s easy to understand. The book basically tries to state the one of the best ways to attract something is by visualizing yourself...
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