The Law and Order

Topics: Crime, Education, Police Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The Law and Order
The show is called law and order because is a series that explain how an elite group of unit of special victims of the city of New York prosecutors, arrest, and condemn big-time criminals for different crimes. The mission is that the most dangerous criminals to be tried and imprisoned. They investigate rape, sexual abuse, abductions and other crimes committed by criminals. It is a shocking and emotional drama that chronicles the life and crimes that occur in New York, This series prosecutor arrest and condemn big-time criminals for different crimes. This series explores the sides more dangerous of the streets of New York, where a day in the life is a memorable human drama: extending to the lowest of society. I like this program because educated to the persons for not commit a crime and teaches depending on the crime. I like this TV show that shows us all those who belong to the Unit's special victims of the New York Police Department. In each of episodes they teach us real-life dramas. It is a human drama that we explain how offenders act from high up to the more low spheres of society. This is one of my favorite shows. It is good that it covers high-profile cases where, but it also cover cases of high-profile where the defendants are millionaires, politicians and archbishops. It shows us that the law is for all. Law and Order is a series that always has us in suspense. It teaches how judges apply the laws in different cases. That day-to-day do not announce on this television series.  The vision of the society on each episode is positive. Each of these chapters is based on a true story. The purpose in understanding procedure laws, and respect to yourself and others, give, teach and educate the community and finally respect for authority. This TV show coming to different social groups, the actors, social conflicts, the music, the scenarios, but in the end is a way to prove to the public the cases more terrifying and minds more evil that exist...
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