The Last Supper

Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Jesus, Painting Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: March 8, 2013
The Last Supper
Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper was painted in 1495 and finished in 1498. Da Vinci was a procrastinator, so painting this piece took some extra time, but who can blame him? Had he have rushed the painting, it could have turned out to be a disaster, and how can you take something of such value and not take perfect care of it? This painting appeals to many philosophies of art including appeal, beauty, and emotion. But, which one seems to bring out the most in this painting? This piece appeals to pleasure in so many ways. Scottish philosopher, David Hume states that the important thing about art is its “agreeableness” and the pleasure that is derived from a piece of art. Basically he is saying that if you like something, then you like it. For whatever reason, the art is appealing to your eye. The Last Supper is appealing to my eye for many reasons. First off is the well-known answer, religion. When discussing the Last Supper, many people start of by talking about the religious aspects in the painting. The painting includes Jesus Christ sitting at the dinner table with his disciples. It portrays the hostility with Judas, while the other disciples are joining Jesus in prayer. This piece just has a way of pulling you in and making you want to just stare. It has its own way of capturing all of your attention. Many aspects play into why this piece is so pleasing to so many people. The religion behind it is just one that is a major ordeal in our society. The Last Supper also has a relationship to beauty. Pleasure and beauty sort of go hand in hand, but beauty has its own way of showing itself. What helps to make a painting beautiful? Color, symmetry, meaning behind it, etc, these are all aspects of paintings that would make us choose differently between paintings because of beauty. Leonardo Da Vinci, being the procrastinator he was, took his time in creating this master piece. Carefully painting something with such detail gives the portrayal that...
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