The Last Chance

Topics: Sleep, 2007 Sundance Film Festival, Pool Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: July 5, 2012
It was a difficult move for Daisy as she could hardly walk and was in a tremendous amount of pain. She was of course given vet care and pain killers. The staff at PDT were very concerned and it was discussed whether she would perhaps have been better off being put to sleep. She had not been eating, Luckily Tina and Mikka (staff and volunteer) realised that Miss Daisy had very few teeth and so she was given a special soft diet, which helped her begin to gain stregnth. However, after five days Miss Daisy was due to go back to the original shelter. P.D.T suggested to the shelter volunteers that Miss Daisy stayed at the PDT centre as she had now begun to potter around the pool with another old and senile dog.They would walk around the pool 2 or three times in the evening together. Miss Daisy got stronger and braver. She recently ventured into the house and slept on Einsteins bed for a while.  She has no more pain and is thriving here at Shady Paws. She does what she likes and is continuously in the way, tripping the staff over and searching for "meatballs"!!!  She comes to the gate each time it opens to see who is coming in or going out. She stands in front of the vans so we can't move, She is the first thing people see when they come into the centre Miss Daisy will spend the rest of her natural life here, driving us all insane. Going in the bins, walking on wet cement, and every now and then coming into the house for a visit. We love miss Daisy and she loves us. To think this dog was due to die twice, she should have no trust in humans but she is the sweetest natured dog ever. This is why we decided that we needed a "Shady Paws" doggie retirement home.
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