The Kogi and the Mama

Topics: Religion, Earth, Human Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The Kogi and The Mama
Southern New Hampshire University
Brittany Weber
April 6th, 2013

The realm of the supernatural is a phenomenon that has been present in the religions of many societies throughout time. In fact many rituals and beliefs, as well as defining societal norms that regard religion, have been centered on the notion of the supernatural and the afterlife. In short, the concept of animism has been paramount to almost every society since the beginning of the human race, at least. Given this line of reasoning, it would not be uncommon to perhaps find that some primitive societies have their own forms of religious practices and beliefs. Such is the case of the Kogi in South America, who have managed to survive without the aid of the modern world. In this discussion we will observe the Kogi and their religion as well as provide some insight to their elusive warning for the world. The Kogi are an indigenous people who live in South America. Their spiritual beliefs are so tightly interwoven into their everyday waking lives that they believe the wearing of shoes would disconnect them from the earth. Ironically, the belief in the spirit of the earth, or the Great Mother, is the basis of the Kogi religion. Even their rite of passage rituals, such as the ritual that involves the poporro, require those of liminality to be connected with the Great Mother. The white garments the Kogi wear are yet an additional symbol of the purity of the Great Mother. The Kogi of course have their high priest. These shamans are more commonly known as the Mama to the Kogi. In Kogi language Mama translates to Sun or The enlightened ones signifying their importance to the Kogi religion. Essentially, the Mama, as well as the Kogi in general, are monotheistic and their view is that the human race should, and should’ve, remained in harmony with nature. It is this view that has prompted their warning for the world or the “Younger Brothers.” The Mama warns that the digging of the...
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