The Kite Runner

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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The Kite Runner
A major theme that reoccurs thought out the novel is the presence of division in Afghanistan. The differences between Amir and Hassan are evident from the beginning of the novel. Amir lives in a luxurious home with his father, while Hassan resides in a mud hut on the property of Hassan’s father. Hassan and Amir’s relationship as well as their personal lives are frequently affect by economic status, ethnicity, and religious beliefs. These specific divisions are clearly communicated through the two boys and are important theme. Economic status is the first division that is mentioned in this novel, when the readers learn that Amir lives in lavish home with his father Baba while Hassan and Ali live in a mud hut on the property of Baba’s home, because Ali is a servant to Baba. The fact that Ali serves Baba begins a complicated relationship between Amir and Hassan. It is the first sign that Amir could be considered “better” than Hassan and drives Amir into have an attitude of superiority. This divides their relationship because Amir immediately believes he is greater than Hassan based on his economic status. After witnessing Assef commit rape on Hassan, he believes that one of the two of them need to leave, he decides that Hassan will be the one to leave the property, so Amir places some of his birthday gifts under Hassan’s mattress and claims that Hassan has stolen them. Baba asks him to stay, but Ali is disgraced and feels compile to leave, ultimately giving Amir what he thinks he wants. Years later when Amir goes back to Afghanistan to find Sohrab after Hassan’s death he tells his driver that he feels as if he is a tourist in his own country. His driver tells him that when he lived in Afghanistan, Amir lived a life of luxury and points out a homeless man and tells Amir that this is the real Afghanistan and that he has always been a tourist. This clearly shows that the poor people in Afghanistan those who have money. It alters the opinions of...
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