The Killers Hemingway Analysis

Topics: Man, English-language films, Boy Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: October 22, 2012
The Killers
Most of the story takes place in Henry’s lunchroom, owned by a man called George. It all begins with two men walking into the lunchroom. They are called Max and Al, and are clearly from out of town. They are rude to the staff and act like jerks by giving George a hard time. They also tease Nick Adams, a young man sitting at the other end of the counter. When they had finished their supper, one of the strangers, Al, ties Nick Adams and the cook, Sam, up in the kitchen. The other stranger, Max, stays in the counter where George still is. Now the two strangers let the other visitors of the lunchroom know, that they are in town to kill “a big swede named Ole Andreson”. Ole is a former boxer from Chicago with a dirty past.They tell that they have heard Ole Andreson often eats supper at henry’s lunchroom, and that is why they are there. The two men are waiting at the lunchroom until 7pm, because at that point, it is clear that Ole Andreson is not going to show up. So the killers leave the lunchroom, and Nick decides to visit Ole Andreson and let him know what had happened the same evening. When Nick enters the room finds Ole lying in the bed fully dressed. Ole tells Nick that he knew the two strangers was going to come kill and him. He also tells Nick, that he do not want to run away. When Nick return to the lunchroom, three men talks about how awful it is. George and Sam had already forgotten it all, and that is when Nick Says that he is “going to get out of this town”. George says cold that it is best to forget all about it. We can see in the text that Nick is a teenager, or that Sam does not see him as an grown man. When Nick decides to visit Ole Andreson, to warn him, Sam ironically says “little boys always know what to do” given Sam do not think it is mature of Nick, but foolish and that Nick should rather stay out of Ole’s dilemma. But really I think Sam admires Nick’s manhood. Either way Nick is not an old man, he is probably not a lot older than...
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