The Key Strategies to Enhance Sustainable Livelihood at Grass Root Level

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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The key strategies to enhance sustainable livelihood at grass root level


Livelihood strategies are the range and combination of activities and choices that people make in order to achieve their livelihoods goals. On the basis of their personal goals, their resource base and their understanding of the options available, different categories of households – poor and less poor – develop and pursue different livelihood strategies. These strategies include short term considerations such as ways of earning a living, coping with shocks and managing risk, as well as longer-term aspirations for children’s future and old age.

Targets should be agricultural production, income diversification and infrastructure, which it keeps manageable with the help of thorough analysis of existing livelihoods and a bottom-up planning process.

Micro franchising:
Micro Franchising is an economic-development tool intended to help alleviate family poverty; enhance individual economic self-reliance; and stimulate individual, community, and national economic development. The idea is to replicate sound business models and, consequently, to provide micro entrepreneurs in developing countries with training and the necessary assistance for success. This can be accomplish by scaling down and modifying traditional franchise concepts to fit the needs of micro entrepreneurs, and by creating strategic partnerships with various practitioners. The key principle behind MicroFranchising is Replication - replicating successful microenterprises for the poor in developing countries.

Watershed Development

A watershed (or catchment) is a geographic area that drains to a common point, which makes it an attractive planning unit for technical efforts to conserve soil and maximize the utilization of surface and subsurface water for crop productionWatershed development programs not only create employment opportunity during their implementation but also give a sustainable...
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