The Internet Is a Result of a Lazy, Young Generation

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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The Internet has resulted in a generation of lazy young people

The internet is a source used for everyday life, and everything from social networking to researching and gaming, but due to the limitless possibilities it is a resulting cause of pure laziness. The younger generation might find themselves unable to go a day, yet alone days, without using the internet in some form whether that be using a cell phone, tablet, etc. The internet is a resulting cause of laziness because of easy access, social networking, and no need to manually do things. The internet is used because of its easy access to an unlimited variety of information. It is common that younger people don’t find themselves researching the “old fashioned way” because the internet is a quick and simple way to do nearly anything. The younger generation has a hard time going to a library or other source because it can be a difficult and a time consuming process. For some, it is difficult to even search encyclopedias and dictionaries, etc. to try and find information on something that in seconds could be found using a search engine like ‘’. On the internet, things like the ‘presidential campaign’ can be viewed minutes after it is over because of websites like Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, and various different blogs. It is pointless to wait for a newspaper or magazine, or word of mouth when the material could be viewed in a matter of seconds. According to a survey conducted by Youth-Net, it was found that 75 percent of 16-to-24 year-olds feel that they couldn't live without the Internet. The report also found that 82 percent would look online for advice and that 45 percent felt happiest when spending time online. Thirty-two percent of respondents also said that they didn't need to ask a real person about their problems as they could find everything they needed online. Less than half would give advice online, with just 37 percent saying they would give advice on sensitive issues to those seeking...
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