The Internet, Creator of Antisocial Teens and Savior to the Suicidal Ones.

Topics: Social media, Electronics, Computer Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Does your child spend most of his or her day on the computer, using social media networks? Are you worried that this will have a negative effect on your child? What about the time “wasted” that they’ll never get back, are you worried about that too? Well, don’t be! Trust your child and love them for who they are. Let them do what makes them happy, besides they might even be using the network to their learning advantage. Melissa Healy had the right idea when she wrote “Teenage social media butterflies may not be such a bad idea”, for the Los Angeles Times, because it’s true. The usage of internet can help your child in many ways. Believe it or not; there are other webpages than Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

The internet can help your child form a new identity, one in which they are not afraid to express themselves nor their creative mind. “In one new study, eighty-six percent of kids who used social media sites, were better adjusted in their early teens” –Healy states in her article. “Parents of well-adjusted teens may have little to worry about regarding how their children behave” –Mikami, University of Virginia psychologist, added. That being said, there is little to fret about your child using the computer.

I am actually one who is constantly using social media to better myself. One of the webpages I use most is wattpad. Wattpad is a social media network that lets you express yourself in the form of writing. Many famous and on the rise authors were actually once wattpad writers. A wattpader by the username of liliancarmine is a great example of this. The girl is on her way to fame with her overly popular book serious “The Lost Boys”. She currently has over thirty-two thousand readers and is in the midst of writing the third book, “Joey & The Rebels”. YouTube is also one of the main sites I use, and the reason being is that music inspires me in many ways. “Believe” by Blood on the Dance Floor helped me to continue on with life, even when something doesn’t...
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