The Influences of Concept Mapping Strategy

Topics: High school, Reading comprehension, Concept map Pages: 35 (6089 words) Published: March 23, 2014
MJAL 5:2 Summer 2013
ISSN 0974-8741
The Influences of Concept Mapping Strategy on Reading Comprehension of those Students Challenging in Studying Invalid Books at some High Schools

The aim of this study is to investigate the applicability of drawing concept maps on reinforcing reading comprehension of students at some high schools. Teachers encourage students to draw formatted forms of main and sub main concept maps for each reading passage. Students are encouraged to connect these maps to each other by some lines. By administrating standard reading proficiency tests to 70 male and 90 female students at two high schools, 100 students in both genders were selected separately and divided to four groups with equal students. Experimental groups were taught how to draw concept maps by showing them some reading passages prepared in concept mapped forms. These students were motivated to draw concept maps of three reading passages after teaching them new words. The latter one was their treatment. New words and passages of mentioned lessons were translated into students` native language for control groups traditionally. Because some students were absent during this study, the score of 15 students were analyzed finally. The results revealed that treatment had positive effects on reading comprehension of the students. It is recommended to use concept mapping as a reading strategy where the background of the students in speaking English is weak. Key Words: Concept Mapping, Reading Comprehension, Simultaneous Processing, Meaningful Learning, Memory, Cognitive Structures, Mind

MJAL 5:2 Summer 2013
ISSN 0974-8741
The Influences of Concept Mapping Strategy on Reading Comprehension of those Students Challenging in Studying Invalid Books at some High Schools

Mehran Maleki1, Azizolah Dabbaghi2

Reading comprehension is a complex process that involves many variables. These variables include general language skills, background knowledge, comprehension strategies, knowledge of the text and working memory (Babayigit & Stainthorp, 2011). This led Perfetti, to state that the multifaceted nature of the processes involved in reading comprehension makes it very difficult for the construction of theoretical models of reading comprehension in 2005. Hock and Mellard utilized a constructional framework as a way to understand reading comprehension better in 2005. The three dimensions of this framework were text structure, reading comprehension strategy, and specific intervention strategy. Text structure was divided into three categories: expository, narrative, and documents. Recommended reading strategies include: identifying the main idea, summarizing, drawing inferences and generating questions. In Hock and Mellard’s paper, they presented an extensive discussion regarding reading comprehensive strategies that produced positive results. They also construct, question and revise meaning as they read (Pressley & Afflerbach, 1995; Block & Pressley, 2001). Farrell (2001) stated that students can benefit from learning reading strategies. So, these strategies can be taught. Yang (2006) determined that the procession and utilization of reading comprehension strategies provide for readers enough skill in the comprehension of materials. A reading strategy is further defined as “a physical or mental process used consciously or unconsciously with the intention of facilitating text comprehension or learning it(Davies, 1995). Some readers will not process appropriate strategies for a particular situation or they lack the knowledge of how to utilize the strategy (Gerstein, 2001). Hopkins and Mackay (1997) found that good readers had more and varied reading strategies than

poor readers. Good readers are able to resolve uncertainty associated

with unknown words or longer discourse. General reading strategies include things such as predicting content, posing questions, recognizing text structure, integrating

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