The Inconsistency of the Mass Media with Moral Principles

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The Inconsistency of the Mass Media with Moral Principles | |

Mediated Communications| Final Paper|

In today’s society there are many mass media practices that I feel are inconsistent with moral principles. Forms including internet pop-ups, junk emails, and television news are just three of the many ways that the mass media is inconsistent with moral principles. Even though we, as a society, face this issue every day, there is one way to bypass it. That method is to be media literate. Media literate viewers have the knowledge of what is right or wrong, what is important or unimportant, and what is true or false. In a general sense, media literate viewers can identify something that is not accurately portrayed to the audiences. Consequently, we see how crucial it is to be media literate so that we do not fall into the misconceptions portrayed to us on a daily basis. This paper will discuss the different ways that the mass media is inconsistent with moral principles and then explain how media literacy can help society avoid each of these issues. When surfing the web, we are often bombarded with pop-ups. The worst part is that these pop-ups rarely help us in what we are looking for. Nearly every time a pop-up comes on the screen it is advertising a download that is unsafe. They also advertise other websites that will redirect you to other places so that in the end you will have no idea how you got to the site you finish on. Pop-ups cannot be argued as moral in my opinion. These unexpected messages are misleading and do not give you the option to view them or not; they just “pop right up” (hence the name). At random, these messages will appear making you believe that the site you meant to explore intentionally granted access for the pop-up to appear, signaling a safe, secure site. However, more than not, the pop-ups are displayed at random times because hackers can get around website securities. With that said, the links they post on the advertisement are most often viruses. Once a pop-up has taken over your screen, your computer is one click away from signing its own death wish. A computer user’s worst nightmare is having pop-ups cover your entire screen. We have all had it happen to us and know what it’s like. All of a sudden the same pop-up shows twice, then three, then four times and soon enough you can’t even see your screen. When that happens, you try to close them but each time you click on the X, two more show up. Now your computer is done for and all the information you once had safely stored in your computer is now exposed. Now we ask, pop-ups are common but how do they represent the inconsistency of moral practices within the mass media? Most importantly, pop-ups are basically advertising for another site. Advertising of this sort is not moral. How could one even think it is? Yes, once in a while a pop-up is a good thing and helps us out in our searches but it takes your screen without “asking,” for lack of a better word. In no other type of media, can advertisements literally take over your system and shut it down. It’s not like this happens to us when we watch TV or read the newspaper. Additionally, the phenomenon of pop-ups is a prime example of hyper-commercialism. In today’s society, it is nearly impossible to get around advertising because it is everywhere. Surfing the web cannot be done without seeing some advertisements, most of the time in the form of a pop-up. The inconsistency lies within the sites that don’t have sufficient security. Consequently, being media literate makes this issue irrelevant. Someone that is media literate takes the first step and gets their own protection or security against pop-ups. In spite of this, security systems do not always help because they block too many pop-ups. For example, the pop-up blocker I have on my computer keeps my laptop safe but does not let me open new windows from Stonehill’s site, which I know is safe. Therefore, security systems...
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