The Importance of a Clean Horse Stable

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  • Published : November 16, 2010
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The majority of farmers don’t take care of their stables like they are supposed to. One reason may be that many of the farmers don’t have the time to take care of it. According to myth, Hercules cleaned out the Augean stables by diverting the course of a river. On the other hand, mere mortals had to do it the hard way, getting dirty and smelly. One needs to keep the stables clean in order to ensure the health of the horses. Having a clean area for an animal is of utmost importance. If the farmers never cleaned up the horses’ feces, imagine how the horses would behave and react. They would all be dirty, smelly, and overall, they will be in bad shape for riding them. Unhealthy and dirty stables can lead to disease in horses. Stall cleaning should be a daily task. If all the farmers take care of the horses like they take care of themselves, there would be much less problems and disease. In order to have clean stables farmers need to wear proper clothes. Horses can leave a fairly big mess, so don’t wear anything new and perhaps, valuable. Solid work gloves are a necessity, as are rubber boots that can protect against the staining of effects of urine. Cleaning without these protections can leave you reeking with the smell of urine for days. One has to be careful and committed to leave the stable in good conditions, so the horse can feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as able to breathe fresh air. Horses like to have their stables in a good shape. Remove the horse from the stall you intend to clean. If they have a paddock or grazing field, they can let the horse out for a supervised run. Otherwise, they can place him in an empty stall until they are done cleaning his stable. They should also remove the feeding and watering troughs and any other accoutrements such as salt licks. Shovel the manure, use bedding and wood shavings into a wheelbarrow. The type of tool used depends on the type of the waste. A pitchfork works well for manure mixed with...
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