The Importance of Writing

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Education, Time Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Why Some Students Don’t Study?
John has a final exam tomorrow and his future life depends on it. However, he doesn't have time to study. He has to check his Facebook, text his friends, set up a date with his girl friend, and watch his favorite TV show. He may think these things are more important than the test, but when tomorrow arrives he won’t feel the same. One day he will realize his mistakes, but it might be too late. Many students like John, don't study due to advanced technology and social relationships they are involved with. Besides lots of good things that technology has brought for human, it can cause students to forget about their education. Since technology is an easy and sometimes cheap way for entertainment, it attracts students and causes them to waste their valuable time with unimportant activities. Internet is one type of technology which takes time from students. For example, students spend a lot of time online in order to chat with people, watch videos on Youtube, and keep in touch on Facebook. Phones also interrupt students since they are texting and calling each other all the time. Video games, which are popular among young people, are another source of distraction. These things are not worth replacing the time for education. As time goes by, technology becomes more advanced which can affect students even more. Social Relationships also prevent students from studying. Almost no one can live without friends, but who they choose as their friends really matters. Bad friends could mislead students away from their educational goals. Some students spend a large amount of time with their friends rather than studying. They go to parties, bars, and clubs everyday and waste their life with these invaluable activities. Relationship between boys and girls takes a lot of time as well. They spend too much time together such as going to movies, dinner, and so on. Students should set limits on their relationships and choose their friends wisely in order...
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