The Importance of Providing Students with Physical Education Classes

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The importance of providing students with physical education classes.

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April 10, 2011

Student athletes should be required to take physical education classes like the rest of the school. The very important values that students learn through physical education classes are something that sports cannot teach. If schools do consider an exemption, they must decide what to include in their exemption status. The main role of a student is to learn during his time at school is to learn. Students that are exempt from physical education often do not have to fill the extra time in their schedule with any meaningful classes. Until there is an effective way for students to gain the education outside of the classroom exemptions are hard to support. Once, one considers all the factors they will find that it is best for students to be required to take physical education classes. Physical education class’s requirements are changing to promote wellness over a lifetime something that a sport cannot achieve. “Classes and activities that provide physical activity (e.g., marching band, ROTC, cheerleading, school and community sports) have important but distinctly different goals than physical education” (NASPE, 2006). If schools will provide any exemption what criteria do they have to base the exemption on? Does any extracurricular activity that requires any amount of exercise count for an exemption? Since sports are a voluntary activity students can also skip practices with little to no recourse. However, when a student takes physical education classes often attendance is part of what makes up the grade. It is important that every student is involved in learning the importance of physical activity throughout his or her life time. Although some of the school’s coaches may be physical education teachers not every sport is coached by them. The students not coached within a physical education class by a physical education teacher will miss out on the goals of gym...
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