The Importance of Mining Industry

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  • Published: January 24, 2000
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importance of mining is definitely significant to
Canada. Mining, is an important industry, and
Canadians are very advanced in their mining
technology, but during the mining process, there is
certain level of pollution produced. The Canadian
government and the mining companies have very
good plans and controls toward this problem,
while ensuring the smooth running of the industries,
and also helping to create strong economy and
employment. The world of today could not exist
without mineral products. Canada produces about
60 minerals and ranks first among producing
countries1. As well, Canada is the largest exporter
of minerals, with more than 20 per cent of
production shipped to world markets2. In a
typical year, the mining industry is responsible for
almost 20 per cent of Canada's total export
earnings3 (See Appendix A). As for the
employment rate, over 70 per cent of the mines
are owned by Canadians and approximately
108,000 Canadians are directly employed in the
mining industry4. Mining is very important in
Canadian life. Not only do the products power the
family car and heat the family home, the
manufacturing sector, the high tech industries and
even the better known resource industries are all
dependent, in some way, on the mining industry.
The mining industry will continue to be an
important support to the economy. Mining is
taking full advantage of the quick expansion of
computers and microelectronics. These
technologies are found in nearly every aspect of
mineral development activity - from exploration
methods, through production, mineral processing
and even marketing. Computers and related
equipment now have a lot of different applications
in geophysical logging, geochemistry, geological
mapping and surface contouring5. At the mine
planning stage, the job of designing a mine is now
greatly simplified by automation. Through the use
of advanced software, geological models can be
produced from drill hole data....
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