The Importance of Interior Design

Topics: Interior design, Public library, Urban design Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: September 19, 2008
Interior design impacts, influences and affects our world in many ways and in many different aspects; from the public bathrooms at the local football fields, to the most upper class hotel rooms in the city centre, to your very own kitchen. Every one is an interior designer, from the housewife who sits her flowers off centre of the middle of her table to the established, Nate Berkus, who has designed for some of the most well known celebrities, including Kirsty Alley. Without interior design a lot of minute yet important details would be over looked.

Interior design in private and public places are two very different concepts. Public places need to be able to suit and be aesthetic to a number of different people whereas private homes are generally only designed on one or a couple of peoples tastes. In designing for a public place a lot of issues and needs have to be taken into account; for example, the company itself and its needs, the company’s target market, the location, weather or not it’s a chain, and probably most importantly (although not much of a concern to the customer) the budget. Interior design in the work place is also very important and is normally overlooked. For example, doctors surgeries and hospitals; courthouses, jails and other places of law enforcement; schools and day care centres; Military establishments; restaurants and kitchens; etc. And in work places, like public places, have to take a lot of issues into account. Not only is the work place a public area, but a public area with very specific purposes, and each work place has extra concerns which need to be taken into account. For example, in hospitals all wheelchairs and beds need to be able to fit through all doors and emergency access points with ease; for the Military, no couches or arm chairs are permitted to be in waiting rooms (soldiers aren’t aloud to slouch); day care centres have to be child safe; and in all work places occupational, health and safety (OH&S) needs to taken...
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