The Importance of Environmental Protection

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Environmental protection means people protect the natural resources and make rational use of resources consciously in order to prevent the pollution and damage to the environment; we have to make a comprehensive management on the polluted and destructed environment in order to create the environment which is suitable for human life and work. Environment protection is also the general term for various measures that people take to solve the real or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between humans and the environment and ensure the development of economy and society. Ways and means of environmental protection include engineering and technology, administration, legal ways, economic ways, propaganda, education and so on. Superior and Fashionable pandora for Any Budget Now! •The prevention focuses on the environmental pollution caused by production and living activities. 10 Reasons for you to choose ugg boots It includes the prevention to emissions of the industrial "three wastes" (waste water, waste gas, waste residue), dust, radioactive materials and noises, vibration, stink, and electromagnetic microwave radiation caused by that emission. Look Sharp the Top 5 ugg boots for 2010 at Once! You Will be Impressed! It also refers to the harmful gases, liquids, noise, marine shipping emissions in transport activities, industrial and agricultural production, and toxic and hazardous chemicals used in people' living, soot emitted by urban life, sewage and garbage and other pollution. •To prevent the pollution causing by construction and exploitation includes the prevention of pollution and destroying causing by the construction of the large water conservancy, the railway, the arterial road, the large port, the airport and the large industry project. Prevent the environment destruction and influence caused by agricultural reclamation and landfill of lakes activities, seabed oilfield, the development of coastal zone and paluda and the development...
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