The Importance of Branding on Consumer Behavior

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Final Year Projects - Initial Planning document

Attached are three documents which you might like to consider when planning your own Final Year Project (FYP). The first two have been 'rescued' from Mike Hart's files and are provided by way of illustration.

1. Initial doodlings...
This document was actually written in the middle of the night when I had a quick brain-storm thinking about the major elements of a Ph.D

2. Plan of chapters with key bullet points

Within a day or so, the initial doodlings were tidied up into a series of chapter headings, with a few bullet points under each to indicate the major divisions of each chapter.

You should work on your own FYP plan as soon as you have undertaken the preliminary reading and present it a copy of it to your tutor at the start of your supervision.

This plan does not commit you in any way but it does provide both you and your tutor with a 'road map' indicating how you intend, at that stage, to go about your project. In practice, such plans are often revised as you make progress through the FYP.. Some chapters might get too large and have to be split into two whilst others, on reflection, can sensibly be combined into one.

3. Title page of completed dissertation

This is what the title page of the first draft of the dissertation looked like.

The lessons to be learnt from this are:

1. 'Large oaks from little acorns grow' i.e. very large project starts off with your thoughts on one sheet of paper (which you may subsequently revise) '

2. A fairly snappy title helps to concentrate your thought processes - can you describe the whole in one sentence ? For example, a friend or fellow course member asks '"What is your project about" and in one sentence you reply—Have a working title in mind and the final title can be applied at the completed draft stage.

3. Having a plan is psychologically reassuring because you can 'project manage' the whole by deciding to do one chapter a fortnight (or other timescale).

4. After your preliminary reading, it is better to get writing rather than wait until you have researched the whole...


Evolution of a project – initial doodlings

Large image may load slowly!

Evolution of a Project – initial plan of chapters


CHAPTER 1 Quality in Healthcare

• General models of quality in healthcare

• Critique of the same (externalist, non-experiential)

• Government initiatives ('Working for Patients','Patients Charter',’League Tables’)

CHAPTER 2 Outpatient clinics - measuring the quality

• The MOPAL program

• Measurement problems

• implementation of IT solutions

CHAPTER 3 Outpatient clinics - implementing improvements

• Substantive improvements in clinics

• Policies to improve clinics

• Importance of culture change

CHAPTER 4 Policy Implications of measuring quality improvements

• Measuring the measurable

• Goal displacement

• Determination of quality

CHAPTER 5 TQM Models in Healthcare

• Viability of directly importing TQM models

• The 'ecological critique'

• Is it possible to reconcile the two ?

• Evaluation of applicability of TQM models in healthcare

CHAPTER 6 New directions in the measurement of quality in healthcare • Role of the 'consumer'

• servqual and its results

• Application of servqual to Outpatients

Evolution of a project - Contents page of completed project



CHAPTER 1 : Quality in Healthcare

Introduction 4
The Prevalence of the Quality Concept 4
Approaches to Quality 9
Quality in Healthcare17
A survey of hospital discharge arrangements 25
(Paper 1)26

CHAPTER 2 : Outpatient Clinics - measuring...
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