The Implications of a Multicultural Psychotherapy Treatment Plan

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RUNNING HEAD: Implementation of Multicultural Psychotherapy Treatment Plan

Implementation of Multicultural Psychotherapy Treatment Plan with Claireece Precious Jones Megan Roy
The University of Texas

This report summarizes the implementation of a Multicultural Psychotherapy treatment plan with Precious Jones, an eighteen year old African-American single mother of two. Precious was referred by the Student Counseling Center at a community college in Harlem, New York which she attends. The client’s presenting problems were struggling to adjust to a new college environment and opening up to her boyfriend about her past for fear of losing him. The client indicated she had FS predominant styles on the BOLS and FI predominant styles on the Preferred Cognitive Styles Observation Checklist. As for Precious’ cultural styles she is modern on the FAS (score of negative two) but traditional on Cultural Style Observation Checklist and the TMI (score of negative three). We identified cultural and cognitive style goals. The cognitive goal was to shift towards a bicognitive perspective and become more comfortable with both FI and FS learning and communication styles. The cultural goal was to discuss with Antonio the truth about the client’s past in a way that appealed to his bicultural values. Over the course of five sessions, Hali and I implemented script-writing, role playing, use of an ally, bibliotherapy and a diversity challenge to help Precious become more comfortable using FI and FS cognitive styles. We also used script writing, role playing and the empty chair approach when dealing with the mismatched cultural values the client shares with her boyfriend. Therapy proved successful with improvement on the cognitive and cultural goals. For the Preferred Cognitive Styles Observation Checklist the client shifted from FI dominate preferred style to bicognitive as well as on the BOLS the client shifted from FS dominate preferred style to a bicognitive perspective. Culturally, on the FAS the client stayed modern; however she shifted to biculturalism in regard to the TMI and Cultural Observation Styles Checklist. Working with Precious helped me understand the effects of abuse in childhood as well as realize the importance of educators facilitating bicognitive learning styles in school. The client’s assets towards developing a better multicultural functioning and identity include actively pursuing therapy, attending college in a ethnically and racially diverse environment, having a relationship with a Mexican-American man and being eager to learn more about the Cultural and Cognitive Flex. However, her limitations include her past which caused damage to her self esteem and self image, the interracial warfare and conflict she encountered growing up and her therapists being Caucasian women. As for alternative therapy approaches, Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral or the Cross and Helms model could be beneficial to use for treatment with the client. At termination, we offered Precious more sessions, which she agreed and we are looking forward to continuing our therapy with her.

Implementation of Treatment Plan: Claireece Precious Jones
Recap of Client
About the Client
Claireece Precious Jones is an eighteen year old African-American female who appeared to be about five feet and nine inches tall and rather overweight. She is a single mother of two and is currently working as a janitor and attending a small community college in Harlem, New York. During the initial contact session Precious arrived on time dressed in black tights, a yellow shirt and a grey sweater, wearing little to no make-up. When Hali and I came to introduce ourselves, Precious stood up, gave us a shy yet hopeful smile and followed us into our office. Precious spoke in Ebonics and seemed eager to begin, but Hali and I could sense she was still slightly reserved. She listened carefully to what we had to say and signed the consent form, beginning the...
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