The Impact of Toll Technology on Our Lives

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Felicity Ponce
Professor Sandoval
English 60A
21 May 2012
The Toll Technology Has Made.
Internet technology has created a hindrance in people’s lives. First the use of technology creates nothing but a distraction. In the article “Is Technology Making Us intimate Strangers?”, Jonathan Coleman says , “ If someone hasn’t left us a phone message or fax, there is always the chance that an e-mail awaits. I can’t even finish this essay without checking- three times already- to see if another one came through.” This is completely true, in the tome it took me to quote that, I stopped and checked my phone twice. Another example of technology being a distraction is by talking on the phone or checking a text message which can be a distraction as well as deadly. Secondly how the use of technology enables people to have privacy. It’s crazy how jobs, schools or anyone that wants to know anything about a person can easily find out through the use of internet technology. Example of that is through a social network. If someone wants to know where a person lives, where they go to school, or what they are doing, they could find out with the touch of a finger, stripping people from any sort of privacy. Finally social interaction, Jonathan Coleman states “Technology, for the most part, creates the illusion of intimacy. As marvelous as it can be, it also foils us. It keeps us from the best of ourselves and enables us to avoid others. It makes us into intimate strangers.” A prime example of that is the use of internet dating, technology takes away the term dating, getting out knowing somebody, to have a face to face conversation. Instead we stay indoors with our computers or any sort of technology talking to our computer loves.
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