The Impact of Smoking on Society

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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The impact of smoking on society
  Nowadays, Tobacco companies are supported by many as they earn much revenue for the government. Nonetheless, smoking has a negative impact on society. More and more people indulge in smoking. Although many people know that it has damaging effects, it continues to be a trend. Moreover, it brings in great amount of money. On one hand, the tobacco industry greatly aids the economy, on the other hand, tobacco can cause many diseases and lead to death as well as harming the environment:   Tobacco brings large tax revenue for the government. It generates much profit for the government. Tobacco provides profit for society. For example, in Belgium, It was shown that the tobacco industry provided 4.7 billion dollars revenue in 2010. It will reach 5.8 billion dollars in 2015 which provides the government with huge revenue (Belgium. 2011).   On the other hand, heavy smoking will lead to mortality. Although tobacco provides much profit to the government, smoking will cause people to have lung cancer first, then it may cause death. There are 254,700 men as well as 227,000 women deaths attributed to smoking in the USA. In  2005(Oza,Thun,Henley,Lopez, & Ezzati,2011). More than 15% victims are male, 7% are female . Tobacco has become the number one killer and causes 1.2 million deaths each year in China. In 2030, China's number of deaths due to tobacco will increase to 3.5 million per year(Chen & Jillian, 2009).  Secondly, smoking can produce bad chemicals as well as pollute the environment. Tobacco contains at least three dangerous chemicals: tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide, The tar is mixed into the material by several substances, and will be concentrated in a viscous substance in the lungs. Nicotine will cause addiction and be absorbed into the lungs, having an impact on the nervous system. Carbon monoxide can reduce the red blood cells carrying oxygen to the body.  Carbon monoxide also pollutes the environment. Large amounts of...
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