The Impact of Divorce on Children

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  • Published: January 20, 2013
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The Impact of Divorce on Children
Seathe Stanton
Liberty University

September 26, 2012
In today’s society there are many children that are affected by their parents getting a divorce or even separating for a long period of time. Children between the ages of 3-5 years old, will often time begin to regress against parental split. Parents often time notice that their child retreats to a milestone already passed. The child may begin to sucking their thumb even after they have moved on from thumb sucking. The child can begin to suffer from separation anxiety all over again. The child’s sleep routine may begin to change also, which can be associated with grief. Young children don’t understand that you and your partner didn’t get along, that an affair occurred or that differences were irreconcilable. Divorcing can literally make 3 – 5 year old feel unsafe and insecure. In this paper I will discuss the negative effects of divorce on children who are under the age of eighteen. According to Daniel (2012), children at the ages of 6 – 8, began to enter into the grieving process when their parent’s divorce. Custody arrangements many come into play and the child may be placed with one parent and the other parent has to leave. The child will sometime grieve over the other parent leaving. Kids will also think creatively and try to make up ways to get you and your partner back together, not willing to understand that the situation is a permanent one. In this paper, I will discuss the many things that children may go through when their parents become divorce.

How does divorce effect children?
When two people are not happy anymore being married, they often times turn to divorce. When the family has children who are under the age of eighteen, begin to see that the family is being...
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