The Impact for Sia During Sars

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Management Group Project Report|

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary3
2. Description of Crisis5
2.1 Description of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)5
2.2 Causes of SARS5
2.3 Signs and Symptoms6
2.4 Treating and Preventing SARS6
2.5 How SARS Affects the Global Economy7
3. Introduction to Singapore Airlines8
3.1 Company Perspectives8
3.2 History of Singapore Airlines Ltd8
3.3 Birth of Singapore Airlines9
3.4 Subsidiaries10
3.5 Fleets10
3.6 Awards10
4. Singapore Airlines Manager Macro-Environmental Analysis11
4.1 PEST Analysis11
5. SWOT Analysis14
6. Competitive Strategy Currently Adopted by the Company16
6.1 Plans of the Organization16
6.2 The Change that May Be Necessary17
7. How Managers Manage Resistance to Change19
7.1 Ways to Reduce Job Related Stress19
8. Relevancy of Innovation in Mitigating the Impact of Crisis20
8.1 How the Managers Can Foster Innovation20
9. Organizational Structures21
9.1 Singapore Airlines Culture22
10. Dimensions of Organizational Culture22
10.1 Teamwork23
10.2 People Orientation23
10.3 Attention to Details23
11. Motivation to the Employees24
12. Conclusion25

1. Executive Summary

The first case of SARS was discovered in Hong Kong in November 2002 and rapidly spread to many countries around the globe. Some of the countries that were affected include Vietnam, Canada and China. It led to 916 deaths and affected many different industries like the retail trade, airports, hotels and the tourism sector. The World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a series of global alerts and travel guidelines whereby travellers should be aware of to prevent further widespread of SARS

Singapore Airlines Ltd (SIA) was incorporated in 1972, and its origins date back to the formation of Malayan Airways Limited (MAL).Throughout the years, SIA has evolved into one of the most respected travel brands around the world. They have one of the world’s youngest fleet in the air, a network spanning five continents, and the ‘Singapore Girl’ as their symbol of quality customer care and service to became one of the world's largest and most profitable airlines.

SARS was able to spread very rapidly across the globe due to its high human to human transmission rate and because of the frequency of air travel. This widespread of SARS led to a sharp decrease in air travel globally as travellers fear contracting the deadly disease from affected countries. This worldwide crisis badly affected the airlines industry and Singapore Airlines (SIA) being one of the biggest airlines in the world suffered tremendously. As a result, SIA’s revenue was dramatically reduced which saw its profits and stock value plummet to a record low. Staff morale within the organisation was extremely negative causing anxiety and fear among the ranks.

This report aims to provide feedback and advice to the organisation’s management. Through analysing the nature of the crisis and the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, we provide insights to ways they can manage the crisis in the most effective manner.

2. Description of Crisis

2.1 Description of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
The Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a viral respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the SARS corona virus. In November 2002, the first SARS outbreak in Hong Kong nearly became a pandemic with 8,422 cases and 916 deaths worldwide - according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Within weeks, SARS spread from Hong Kong to infect individuals in 37 countries. Some countries affected include Singapore, Vietnam and Canada.

2.2 Causes of SARS
A virus called coronavirus is the cause of SARS. There are many kinds of coronavirus, some of which cause the common cold. The SARS coronavirus was a new variant that may have been transmitted to humans from animals.

How SARS spreads is through closed contact with an infected person or...
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