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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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V12Tech says:
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If the reset is returning with identical error and unable to rectify what I would do to get heat asap and troubleshoot/(replace the control later) is to disconnect the zone control and set each damper open according to the slide switch on each damper or wire 24 volt hot to m4 or m6 with mi being the common, this will be open full time, this PDF is I am including in this answer has Honeywell protocol and 1-800 -HOTLINE data for Honeywell troubleshooting. 10:12 PM 10:13 PM
For Internet access: or
For technical support, call 1-800-TAT-Temp (1-800-828-8367). To download Zoning literature: 10:14 PM
What I was going to suddest was using one stat and wiring the unit directly to 1 stat, the zone 1 I think will have to be used in this case as the zone 2 sub bsae has only 3 wires by this diagram 10:15 PM

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