The Iliad

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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The Iliad

Greek Mythology is dominated by numerous heroes, all with unique super-human qualities. The purpose of every story is to demonstrate each character’s remarkable “gift.” Some of the qualities represented by these colorful characters include caution, confidence, kindness, strength, and courage. Combining Odysseus’ wisdom, Achilles’ intimidation factor, and Hector’s bravery, would result in the ultimate warrior who would surpass the best of Homer’s creations.

Among Homer’s enviable heroes, Odysseus with his great cunning wisdom is certainly one of the most admired. In every major battle, it is Odysseus who comes up with the ideas to outsmart the enemy or more importantly, factors that will help and allow the Achaians to win the battles, “Wait a bit, Achilles- we know your quality, but do not drive out the army to battle fasting. Fighting lasts a long time, when once the battalions meet…First order them all to take food and drink here in camp. Strength and courage both are mine when I have my bread and wine…Then dismiss, and tell them to make a proper meal.” (Homer 231). This not only shows Odysseus’ knowledge in how a battle runs and what the soldiers need in order to have energy to fight well in battle, but also shows how Odysseus’ wisdom is acknowledged by the Achaians and he is well-respected by having kings and princes such as Agammenon and Achilles listen and do what he suggests. With his words, Odysseus also keeps the Achaian army intact, “But here we have the ninth year at the turn, and still we stay…But all the same, it is disgraceful to stay long and then to return empty. Bear it, my friends!” (Homer 28). The soldiers have grown impatient especially with their lack of result. Odysseus uses his wisdom to demonstrate understanding of the soldiers’ plight, yet at the same time, remind them that they’ve put in so much time and that they need to have something to show for it! A successful, ideal warrior most definitely needs Odysseus’s wisdom on...
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