The Identity Crisis of a Teenager

Topics: Love, Teacher, Education Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: February 22, 2013
"Dear Ma'am,
Ma'am even you don't give me many gifts, your hug is the very expensive gift I've ever received" Teachers are most often carried by the emotion of treating their students as their own children. The varied attitudes and behaviors each child brings as they entered the classrooms never hinder the teachers to welcome them in their hearts. They more they manifested uniqueness from others and the more they show their good attitude to their mentors, the higher is their chance of teacher's attention and care.Their presence for the whole school year develops an everlasting parental love for teacher's extended family. " Dear Susan,

From your poem" Hero in the Classroom" as I quote " teaching children of not his blood line" triggered me into jealousy much of my time were being corrupted by my mother, a teacher. By excessive focus on her pupils neglecting my childish moments that needed much attention from a motherly care...a reality, a history that clashed our ( i and Mother ) intimacy Rommel Mark Marchan (7/28/2009 4:11:00 AM) from Poem Undeniably, teachers own children are deprives of no other attention but time. As to love, teachers are considered the reservoir of love. Every time they teach children at school they did it for love, dedication and inspiration of their own children at home. However, their own children need their own parents' presence and time too that each moment of absence is a time lost and love deprivation of their own offspring.The life of convenience won't replace the thirst of time and presence their own children basic essentials. They said that sacrifice of teachers are written in every hearts of students as they pass by year after years. With all those sacrifices, smiles from the students, good news of their success, respect from them and sometimes letters of appreciation elated the teachers' heart driving them to continue their heroic acts. Usually, letters of...
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