The Ideal School

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The Ideal School
Lakeside School of Football is positioned on the coast of Lake Erie and gives you the opportunities to work with trained professional football players. Lakeside teaches you the ropes of football at an affordable price. If you want to learn how to play and meet the players of your choice, Lakeside is the school for you.

The Lakeside School of Football will have a college campus set up; it will have dorms along the beaches of Lake Erie; the Lakeside academic building will be located behind the dorms. It will have three full -sized football fields stretched across campus each for specific purposes. There’s also a rec center stationed in the center of campus, including a weight-room, a full sized track with eight lanes, a pool and fitness instructors for all of your fitness needs. They will help you acquire a workout specifically designed for your level of physical fitness always ready to help you achieve your goals and improve more. The rec center will be easily accessed with your student I.D card.

The school year will consist of eight months August to March and then have a four month break April to July. The school days will begin in the morning at 8:30 beginning on the fields. At 12:30, everyone will have open campus for lunch until 2:00; at 2:10, classes in the academic building will be going until 6:10. If there is anyone who chooses to keep progressing through the summer break, there will be summer classes available; just contact admissions.

There is a very open variety of classes available not just through the school year but also throughout the summer. The classes fit you as a person if you want to do it we have it; we have classes going over the bases of defense and offense of football. Other classes focus only on the statistics of football. For the more active people enrolling at Lakeside, there are several gym classes that you should get involved in. We continue the study of football in our history classes and ,if you’re not...
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