The Ideal Age I Would Like to Stay Forever

Topics: Adult, Parenting, Adulthood Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: April 25, 2012
PSY 253 Ideal Age Paper- Samantha Carter
My ideal age that I could stay at forever would be early adulthood, which is twenties to forties. In this stage you are finding your identity, finding a career, and finding love. The major characteristics in this age group are totally re-centering our lives and going from a highly structured environment into an unstructured path. You will go from living with your parents to leaving home and living on your own. You learn the responsibility of becoming an adult in this age group.

Also with becoming an adult you find out who you are, and your identity in this age group. One will fall into one of Marcia’s identity statues: identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, moratorium, and identity achievement. With finding out who you are and taking on new challenges in this stage you are consistently moving backward and forwards. Than after you have figured out who you want to be, you look for love and a career. Early adulthood in my opinion is the most important and best time of your life.

The first reason I think that early adulthood is the ideal age is because in this age everything is new and exciting. After you graduate high school you get to leave the nest and go off to college and make something of yourself. It is s a time of growth and change and therefore, of confusion, self-doubt and insecurity, but it will make the person you going to be. “The college and post-college years can be an incredibly exciting time as one looks ahead and plans for the future. However, the options can sometimes feel overwhelming” (1). As I said before in early adulthood you are constantly moving backward and forward. As Belsky said, “early adulthood is testing out different possibilities, focusing on self-development, and feeling in between”. This may be why early adult hood to me may be the most exciting because it is one on the hardest times of your life because everything is new, but its so new its exciting.

The second reason I think...
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