The Hypocrisy of the United States Government

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  • Published : April 16, 2012
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The Hypocrisy of the United States Government
Chen Weihua’s December 14, 2010 article, “WikiLeaks’ ordeal tests Internet Freedom”, which deals with the globally controversial website, WikiLeaks, provided many excellent arguments against the widespread dislike of the web site's founder, Julian Assange. The majority of the points in this article challenge government officials and journalists who believe that WikiLeaks is a threat to the United States of America and other countries. He explains some of the devastating effects that censoring the Internet could have on the United States Government and the world. In addition, Chen questions why a country that claims to be all about preserving freedom and personal amendments is against an organization whose mission is to increase freedom and awareness around the world.

Chen Weihua is a New York City based writer and columnist. He writes a wide variety of articles for Chinese newspapers, such as China Daily. Chen has an authoritative tone and usually writes articles about his opinions on problems and hardships facing people in the United States and China. Some of his many article topics include poor job opportunities, Chinese workers, US and Chinese politics, and the United States and Chinese culture and how both can be linked. Chen has a very unique style. He can be very witty and funny, while still maintaining seriousness and including some factual information. Chen Weihua’s purpose for writing this article is to inform people how the United States is supposed to support free speech and freedom, but when it does not benefit them they are against it. One sentence that supports this is, “All these have been happening in a country, which loudly boasts of its First Amendment guaranteeing the freedom of the press and freedom of expression” (Weihua).

In this article, Chen uses both ethical and logical appeals. A sentence that exemplifies an ethical appeal in the article is, “It is apparent that when Internet freedom...
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