The Hunger Games Isn't Twilight

Topics: Twilight, Bella Swan, Jacob Black Pages: 4 (1156 words) Published: November 28, 2012
The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: An Argumentative Essay

Joshua Gabriel Palma Lontoc

BLL 104

October 5, 2012

One of the popular movies nowadays is The Hunger Games, which tells the story of a girl named Katniss Everdeen who joins the 74th annual hunger games as a replacement for her sister Primrose Everdeen. A lot of teenagers love the Hunger Games, but others hate it, saying that the series is exactly like the Twilight saga, another big time movie which tells the story of Isabella Swan, a lovestruck girl who yearns to become a vampire for her lover Edward Cullen. Well, these haters say that the Hunger Games is exactly like Twilight mainly because of five reasons: the Hunger Games also contains a lot of scenes shot within a dense forest, it also features a love triangle dilemma, it was also based on a hugely successful book written by an American, it also has a female protagonist, and it also has characters with special abilities. (Paterakis, 2012)

In my opinion though, The Hunger Games isn't exactly like Twilight. All of the above reasons can be easily debunked since they are sweeping generalizations. So please let us not make such rash judgments about the Hunger Games.

Thesis Statement: The Hunger Games isn't exactly like Twilight in that its setting, plot, and themes are not identical; it is set in a futuristic society, its protagonist isn't just a damsel in distress, and romance is but a trivial element in it.

Let me now explain why the Hunger Games is different from Twilight. First of all, though the Hunger Games contains scenes shot within a dense forest, its setting is completely different. Its characters live in a futuristic society known as Panem, which is divided into thirteen districts, each of which specializes in a particular field such as masonry, fishing, transportation, agriculture, etc. The government system of Panem is very controlling, forcing children to battle to the death as punishment for the uprising/rebellion of its 13...
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