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Collins Suzanne
-Summary by Ashdeep Singh
In the morning of the reaping day, Katniss wakes up. Finds her mom, pet cat (Buttercup), and her sister, Prim by her side. After getting dressed, she heads to the forest, where she meets her hunting partner Gale. After fishing and searching for berries, they head back home. On their way back home, Katniss and Gale stops at the Hobs, the black market. At the Hobs, they exchange their fishes with bread and salt. Then they go to the mayors house to sell some of the berries. However, Gale and Madge, the mayor daughter, get into an argument that how rich and wealthy people from each district have less chance to be chosen, because they are not in need of food support. The poor and needy people must fill out an extra name form in the draw to get extra food supply support. When Katniss comes back home, she washes and changes to one of her moms dress to prepare herself for the selection event.

Long time ago, during the dark age of Panem, 13 districts had formed a union to rebel against the Capitol. However the 12 districts lost and 1 other district was completely destroyed and disappeared. In order to remind the people of the history each year, the Capitol created an annual event called “The Hunger Games”. The rules are that one boy, one girl tributes from each districts are gathered, and they have to kill each other until there is only one survivor. When it was time for the event, District 12’s escort, Effie Trinket comes to choose the tributes for the following Hunger Game. As a part of the process of the event, Effie Trinket greets Haymitch Abernathy, who was the winner of the 50th Hunger Game from District 12. Then Effie Trinket puts her hand in the glass ball, with all the name tags in, and pulls out one sheet of paper. Soon, Effie Trinket announces that Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’ younger sister, is the girl tribute for the 74th Hunger Game, from District 12. When Primrose’s name was announced, Katniss was stunned. However soon she had volunteered to be the girl tribute instead of Primrose. Soon after Katniss was up on the stage, the boy tribute’s name was loudly announced. It was Peeta Mellark. Few years ago, Katniss’ father was killed in a mine explosion in March. Even though the government had provided a little amount of money, it was not enough to support the family. Her mom did not get a job. Although the family was starving, they had to wait until May, when Katniss will turn 12, and will be eligible to put her name tag in exchange of food supplies. Before Katniss turned 12, she faced a huge difficulty in overcoming the hunger and cold. While she was nearly dying, walking by the bakery, she ran into Peeta Mellark, who was at the time in the same grade in school as her. Soon after he enters the bakery, he comes out with a burnt piece of bread in his hands. Then his mom shouts to him to throw the bread away. Peeta purposely throws away the bread near Katniss.

Even after years later, Katniss still is thankful to the piece of bread that gave her hope to survive. However she is hoping that Peeta will be killed by tributes from other districts. After the national anthem ended, they are taken into custody. Peeta and Katniss were separately taken into nice rooms. Where they were given opportunities to say good bye to their family and friends. At first, Katniss’s mom and Prim came in to the room. Even though she was overwhelmed with emotion, she is determined to not cry in front of the camera. Katniss starts to give advice for living to Prim and her mother. Deep in her mind, Katniss knows that she can never win “The Hunger Game”. Then Peeta’s father, the bakery owner, comes in to the room. He promises to look after and make sure that he won’t let her family to starve. Madge, the mayor’s daughter, comes in as the third guest. Katniss promises her to wear Madge’s golden pin as the one item from one’s own district in the arena. Katniss is looking back doubting that...
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