The Humbling

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a) Find the meaning of the following words from a good dictionary : boastful , plunged , exhaustion , guise , porter , sovereign , impudence , scanty , attire , imposter , tolerate , replica , clad , usurper , identity. Ans : boastful – fond of boasting , plunged – jumped , exhaustion – extreme tiredness , guise – dress , porter – a servant, worker , sovereign – Emperor,supreme , impudence – arrogance , scanty – barely enough , attire – dress , imposter – one who assumes a false character , tolerate – bear,allow , replica – exact copy , clad – dressed , usurper – one who seizes unlawfully , identity – recognition of oneself.

Q. Read the questions and find their answers from the passage :

Passage 1 : [One day, emporer………………………………………………. he fell asleep.]

(a) (1). What was Emperor Jovinian thinking about?
Ans : his vast empire and the power he had over his people.

(2) How did he feel?
Ans : very proud and superior.

(b)(1)Mention any two boastful thoughts of Jovinian?
Ans : (i) ‘ I am the greatest – the most powerful.’
(ii) ‘Even God doesn’t have powers greater than mine’.

(c) Find adjectives from the passage.
Ans : proud , superior , greatest , powerful.

(d) (i)”No one would dare to disobey me,” he thought. (Change into Indirect speech) Ans : He thought that no one would dare to disobey him. (ii) I am the most powerful. (Change the degree) Ans : No other (person) is as powerful as I am.

(e) What is your opinion about Jovinian?
Ans : Jovinian was very proud , boastful and arrogant. He thought that he was greater than God too. Passage 2: [While the Emperor…………………………………………………………………… no one came.]

(a) (1) What was special about the other person who came to the edge of the water? Ans : In appearance and manners he was an exact copy of Jovinian. (2) What could Jovinian not find?
Ans : his clothes and his horse.

(b) What did the other person who came to the edge of the water do? Ans :He calmly picked up Jovinians clothes, put them on, mounted Jovinian’s horse and went back to guards. He ordered them to ride off with him to the palace.

(c) Find words which mean : (i) rode (ii) commands.
Ans : (i) mounted (ii) orders.

(d) He began to look for his clothes. (Frame ‘Wh’ question to get the underlined answer) Ans : What did he began to look for?

(e) How might Jovinian have felt, when he could not find his clothes? Ans : He might have become nervous and tense and he might have been ashamed of facing people. He might have been extremely angry too.

Passage 3 : [ When Jovinian reached………………………………………………….. I’ve lost mine.]

(a) (1) What did Jovinian do when he reached the castle?
Ans : He beat loudly at the gate of the castle and shouted to open the door. (2) Why was the porter astonished?
Ans : Because he saw a person dressed like a wild man standing at the gate of the castle.

(b) What did Jovinian ask the porter to do?
Ans : Jovinian asked the porter to go to his Lord and tell him that his sovereign commanded him to come to the gate of the castle. He also asked him to tell his master to bring some clothes for himself.

(c) Find words that mean ; (i) amazed, (ii) immediate, (iii) a fortified mansion, (iv) my. Ans : (i) astonished, (ii) instant, (iii) castle, (iv) mine. (d) “What are you and what brings you to this castle?” the reporter asked him. (Change into Indirect speech) Ans : The porter asked him what he was what brought him to that castle.

(e) Why, do you think, did the porter not let Jovinian enter the castle? Ans : Because Lovinian was dressed like a wild man and still he was telling him that he was their Emperor. He might have thought that Lovinian was mad.

Passage 4 : [ Jovinian...
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