The Human Living Condition

Topics: Health, Medicine, Stone Age Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: August 21, 2013
The human life has been an appealing topic lately. People are trying to find out different causes of this. My writing will carefully present the major of this phenomenon. First and foremost, what I put in my priority is living condition. It cannot be denied that every aspects of our life have been improved. Instead of sleeping on the wet and cold ground, keeping an open eye for dangerous predators, people now can live in peace and independent, they can pursue their dreams freely without anything to stop them in their journey. More interestingly, not only the people’s shelters made remarkable progress, but also the food. None of us can survive without food, that’s why it is a crucial part of our daily life. If we look back and compare the food from the Stone Age to the food that we’re eating at the moment, we can see that our food now is better than ever, it contains a various amount of nutrition that can keep our body in a healthy and stable state. Beyond any doubts, living condition will certainly help people live longer and keep them safe from the dangerous wild life. Second of all, medication holds an equal place in the essence. It is completely true that nowadays, we have ourselves a various number of advanced doctors all around the globe. Many good doctors also means that the life of the citizens will be in good hand, as the result, people will live longer thanks to the hand of those doctors. More notably, if doctors are the soldiers who rescue people, then modern medicine is their weapons. Today, highly technology is used to make useful drugs in order to kill fatal disease, illness, and even poison of perilous animals. For example, if you got bit by a poisonous snake, doctors can cure you by simply inject you with a special medicine or vaccine that extracted directly from the poison of that kind of snake. Without doubts, medication holds an important role in keeping people to live longer. Last but not least, the abundant kinds of services meet our demand...
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