The Human Experience

Topics: Sociology, Love, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Brianne Obrien
The art work that I have chosen is love. The art work is about two African American couple that is in love and has a little child. I have chosen this work because it shows a lot of love between two of them and it reminds me of my human experience and what my life is going to be and look like in July when our son is born.

1. The human experience that I have chosen and the work relates to is love 2. The human experience is meaningful to my life because it is a very strong picture of two couple that is truly in love with each other. Also because I have found someone that is very special to me and he is my everything. He is very understanding of me and with everything that goes on. 3. The art work expresses or relates to my human experience because I have been with someone that is very special to me for five years and our love is so strong that nothing can tear us apart or no one can tear us apart. I also have been with my love since high school. 4. The work expresses a cultural value because the two couple that is in the picture is African American. It also expresses social values because they are being social with each other and their child by being altogether as a family and they are talking with their eyes.

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