The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Teaching)

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God sent his messengers for guidance, and to create love and brotherhood among the people but unfortunately the history of religion is full of bigotry and hatred. The messengers were always the victims of violence. From Adam to this time, all the prophets without any exception, passed through the same channel of hatred and persecution. How nicely the Holy Quran has described this fact in the following verse: Alas for my servants! There comes not a Messenger to them but they mock at him. (Quran, 36:31) Torah, Gospels and all other scriptures support the reality of the verse of the Holy Quran. Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ, they were all victims of violence, due to false charges leveled against them, and same was the fate of their followers. It is undeniable truth that in every age a great number of people labeled the true prophets as imposters and incited the general public against those innocent prophets. How great was the Messiah, Jesus son of Marry, but he suffered more than many other prophets by the hands of his own people. What was his sin? Nothing but the message of love. But how his message was distorted and misapprehended and finally due to false charges he was hanged on the cross. It is a shame for those who did that, and they would never be forgiven the crime they committed against a blameless person. Some one can say that they were uncivilized people. They were ignorant about the moral and ethical values, but that is not so, they were the most civilized people of their age, but still they committed the heinous crimes. That was not the first mistake committed, rather that was the crime committed in every age and against every prophet. Similar is the situation created by those who could not understand the message of the Prophet of Islam. Unfortunately his teachings are totally misunderstood due to prejudice and narrow-mindedness. A wonderful prophet who brought a fantastic message for mankind, and produced astounding result. His life is like an open book; nothing is hidden from birth to his burial. He appeared before the people as child, young and old, as son, father and husband, as subject and as ruler, as judge, king, general and prophet. He was really a wonderful man in every walk of his life. The prophet who is really the savior of mankind, is regrettably painted as terrorist in this age by some of the religious fanatics. I fear that the people should not be led astray by these religious extremist as it happened in the time of the other prophets, this is why this humble effort is being made to present the facts about the life of the Holy Prophet of Islam. THE HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) By Maulana M. A. Cheema

At the time of the birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) the Arabs were sunk to a very low state. They were fond of intoxicants, gambling, and idol worship. Girls became such a shameful commodity among them that they would bury their infant girls alive for fear of disgrace. Women among them were considered as a commodity that was to be inherited by her husband just as they would take over his money or livestock. Slavery was rampant throughout the land. Instead of worshiping one God, the Creator of the universe, they had gods of wood and stones, molded with their own hands. There were 360 idols in the Holy Kaaba which prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael had built in Mecca. The house which was the symbol of the unity of God was taken over by the idols and pagan customs. The system of pilgrimage which was established by prophet Abraham was totally distorted by the pagan rituals. Their pilgrimage was nothing but drinking, gambling and running naked around the idols clapping and whistling. Not only the Arabs were lost in the evils and immoralities, rather the whole world was deeply sunk in the transgressions, crimes and sins. The Holy Quran has drawn the picture of that era in the following words:...
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