The History of Popchips

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The history of Popchips

Popchips is a brand of potato chips that are unique and claimed to be a lot healthier (and tastier) than the ordinary leading brands of potato chips. Contrary to the usual potato chips that are out there, Popchips use the method of “popping” their potatoes rather than baking them or frying them – which the other brands usually do to their products. Popchips believe that by using the method of popping their chips can make Popchips’ chips healthier because it contains less fat than if we fried them, and it also retain more flavors because the chips are not being baked. The texture of Popchips itself is also thicker compared to other leading chips out there, and the texture is also different and unique. According to John Myers; an author for Yahoo Network, Popchips have a taste of more like potato sticks compared to a potato chips, and he intended it as a compliment. As of now, Popchips carried over 12 flavors, and that is only for their potato chips alone, as Popchips also carry tortilla and kettle corn as their brand products. Among them are all time favorite flavors such as barbeque and sour cream & onion to unique flavors such as parmesan and garlic, jalapeno, and thai sweet chili potato. Popchips as a company was first build in 2007, as a realization of Keith Belling’s vision of making a healthier and delicious snack, minus the embarrassment of eating snacks full of carbohydrates in public. Collaborating with Patrick Turpin, another snack enthusiast, they went to a unique snack manufacturer, and the plan is set to go. The dream that Keith had had actually begins in 2005, when he bought a rice-cake plant in LA and convert it to be the base foundation of Popchips that we now know. According to Meghan Casserly in Forbes; Belling, a seasonal entrepreneur with coffee bar chains, owner of (which he sold later to NBC for $225M) and fans of vitaminwater himself dreamt to make Popchips as the vitaminwater of potato chips....
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