The History of Fashion in the 1980s

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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History of Fashion in the 1980s


When we think of fashions from the 1980s, we would generally think of colorful, bright apparel and accessories of glam metal bands in those times. The clothing and accessories that we wear today do have a deep relation with the 1980's fashion trends, as most of the current fashion comes from the clothing worn in those days. Let us take a look at what clothes, shoes, haircuts, and fashion accessories were being worn then. Men Hairstyles: The 1980s was the decade from where people started trying out different long hairstyles. A majority of people wore long and layered hairdos. And among rock musicians from the music industry, wearing rainbow colored hair was a fad. Punks from those times preferred to wear Mohawks. Wearing short haircuts was kind of rare in the 1980s, unlike today. Men Fashion Accessories: Piercings in the 1980s were as popular as they are at present. Style admirers used to get their eyes, nose, tongue, and ears pierced for wearing voguish fashion jewelry. Hair metal band members choose to wear dark and big glasses, unlike today's small glasses. Crocodile Dundee hats were also worn widely. Men Clothing: People mostly used to wear casual black and neon T-shirts, rock band T-shirts, leather clothing. Wearing jean and black and brown leather jackets was an important part of 1980's fashion. Sleeveless shirts were also considered stylish in those days. Youngsters preferred to wear tight leather pants, bright-colored trousers, stonewashed jean pants, and Corduroy pants. Black leather boots or shoes usually accompanied men’s clothing. Women Hairstyles: In the 1980s, women of all ages preferred to have a feathered look on their hair. Many fashion-loving girls were wearing long shags. Like today, hair coloring was also famous then. Additional details and glitters on the hairstyles were being given more importance. Wearing side ponytails was thought of being very stylish. Women Fashion...
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