The Hidden Truth Behind the Emancipation Proclomation

Topics: Parking lot, Water pollution, Crime Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Wal-Mart Calamity

Families, businesses, and more have been affected from Wal-Mart. Small business have been shut down, rivers have been polluted, and crimes have been committed. This Wal-Mart madness has become a huge problem. The arrival of a Wal-Mart Supercenter often has harmful affects on the local economy. No city or small town should have to suffer from the consequences of Wal-Mart. The following examples of harm that has been done is from the documentary Wal-Mart: The high cost of low prices.

In Middlefield, Ohio a small family business once stood. It was called H&H Hardware and was founded by Don Hunter in 1962. This small family business was the normal hardware store, his son Jon was eventually the owner when 1996 came around. The town would flourish into the store until Wal-Mart came around. The percentage of business from H&H decreased, Wal-Mart had taken all of their regular customers. Many employees worked at the hardware store but soon lost their job. The Hunter family was devastated after they had to close this family business down.

Next in Brookfield, Missouri another family business once stood. It was called Esry’s IGA and it was the only thing the family had. Red Esry, founder and owner of the store has seen fourteen of the forty three presidents. Scott Esry, Dee Esry, and Jordan Esry are also big parts of the store. This family has worked for this store and was also very upset when their business had to be shut down. Forty percent of their business was taken when Wal-Mart came around to their town. When Wal-Mart showed up, subsidies were literally being handed out to them. They received large amounts of money with these subsidies but why couldn’t the Esry business receive any. This didn’t seem right whatsoever, what makes that right anyways.

The next event affected by Wal-Mart was in Belmont, North Carolina. Donna Lisenby, the Cataba river keeper, was curious when the river water became contaminated. It was...
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