The Harmful Effects of Fracking

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Maryanne Morella
Vicki L. Kennedy
Written Communications 1
January 29th, 2013
The Harmful Effects of “Fracking”
The practice of extracting oil from deep underground rock by injecting it with acid is called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” The process involves drilling a vertical tunnel, sometimes thousands of feet under the earth’s surface, until oil or natural gas is found. Next, horizontal tunnels are created to pump in water containing erosive chemicals. Fracking is banned in many countries, because of the potentially severe environmental damage, for which the Egyptian village of Fares is a perfect example. A regional drilling company, DanaGas, is denying responsibility for local flooding, despite undeniable evidence. This method of oil drilling is dangerous and destructive, and in my opinion, should be banned entirely.

Abdel Hameed, a resident of Fares, claims that, “Not long after the [DanaGas] drillers left, contaminated water started to pump out of the ground from the holes they had made, destroying everything.” He says the water is killing crops and trees which are vital to the community, and occasionally gets high enough to tear down houses. What’s worse, officials refuse to be held accountable, and have not given much help to the village of Fares. It’s obvious that fracking is a very hazardous process; Reem Labib, an environmental justice researcher with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, states, “There are clear signs that relate the problem of contaminated flooding in Fares to oil and gas drilling practices….”

In conclusion, hydraulic fracturing is dangerous and destructive. Swift action should be taken to raise the standards by which drilling companies operate, including placing a ban on fracking. If nothing is done, more lives and communities will certainly be destroyed. Works Cited

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