The Happy Prince and Other Tales Book Summary

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Publication data

*Title of the book:
The happy prince and other tales *Author:
Oscar Wilde
Noorsons publishers
*Date of first publication:
*Current publication:
Not known
*Number of stories:
Five (5)
*Number of pages:
Eighty (80)
*Type of cover:
Paper back
*Condition of book:
*Price of book:

*Evaluation of subject:
In this book author has written fairy stories. He explained the common things happening in our lives. He has written about true friendship, jealosy, reward of virtue and rudeness. He wants to tell us that Earth has good as well as bad people. Some people want to help others while some want to be strong, rich and king of others. *Evaluation of language:

The poet has used a good language. At some places, He has used difficult worlds. He has used proverbs. In short the language of the book is good.

*Evaluation of presentation:
The presentation of book is very good. The publisher has made the book easy to read by writing the meanings of difficult words on the opposite page.The pages of the book are of very high quality.The title of the book attracts people to read the book.The presentation of book is very good.


*The happy prince:
High above the city, the statue of happy prince stood on a tall column. He was gilded all over with thin leaves of gold. He had two sapphires instead of eyes and a large ruby glowed on his sword. All the people admired him. One night there flew a swallow over the city. His friends had gone to Egypt six weeks before, but he had stayed here for he was in love with the most beautiful reed. But now she has told her that she will not go with him. He was now doing preparation for his journey. At last he set off. All the day long he flew and at night he came to the city. He saw the statue on the column. He went there and prepared to sleep. But as he was putting his head under the wings a large drop of water fell on it. He thought that it has started raining but he was surprised that there was not a single cloud in the sky. Then another drop fell. He thought that he must leave this place as it could not keep the rain off. But before he had opened his wings another drop of water fell. He looked up and found the prince weeping. He asked him why he was weeping. The prince told him that when he was alive he lived in a palace where sorrow was not allowed to enter. His life was very beautiful. But now when he is dead he is so high that he can see the misery and ugliness of his city and now he can not choose but weep that’s why he is weeping. The prince said to swallow that far away in a home there lived a seamstress her son is ill, will he bring the ruby out of his sword and give it to her. The swallow said that he has to go to Egypt. The prince requested him to stay for a night with him. He agreed he took the ruby and gave it to seamstress. Then he came back and told the prince what he has done. She then felt asleep. Next day He visited all public monuments and at night he came back to the prince. The happy prince requested him to stay for one night more. The swallow replied that his friends will fly to next contract and he has to go. The prince said that across the city he could see a man in garret. He is trying to finish a play but it is too cold for him to write. He has nothing to...
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