The Handmaids Tale

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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“The Handmaid’s Tale,” written by Margaret Atwood is a fictional book that takes place in the near future when all of women’s rights were taken away. The book is from the point of view of a girl who just lost her family, all her money, her possessions and is later taken away to be a handmaid. This all took place because of the overthrow of the government. As a handmaid it is her duty to obey all new laws and to reproduce children for the “higher class” or she will face the wall (be hung). In the book, Margaret shows us a dark future where women have lost all their rights they once had and are now practically living as slaves. When she wrote this book she wrote almost as a warning to us and how quickly someone in power can take your cloths, family and possessions and turn you into a mindless human being. Throughout the book Offred (the main character) describes her daily life and often has flashbacks to the day she lost it all. “The Handmaid’s Tale” was well written and seems like it was well thought out. Margaret has written many other books making her a well-experienced author. Like “The Kite Runner,” this book was written in present tense with frequent flashbacks from the main character’s memories of the past. All characters in “The Handmaid s Tail” are worth studying because in this book every one has a past and acts certain ways which make you want to know more about them and their past before the revolution. In the Book you might learn a lot from the characters, either from their choices in the book or how closely you might want to get to certain people. In the book, Offred wishes for the government to be free, for her to be free, and to see her child again. None of Offred’s wishes came true that we know of judging by the way the book ended. There were other characters that wished to be free too, or they wish for an even stricter government and a well-behaved country, but in the end no one’s wishes come true. In other critiques, they all seemed to...
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