The Growth in Sea Trade Between China and European Countries

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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The growth in sea trade between china and European countries

The traditional world order of china benefited of the tribute system placing it in the middle of the civilized world. On the other hand, to recognize china's progression, permissions were given to different states which allow them to trade with china. China was central world order in 1517 which European vessels came overseas to it to trade. The Chinese observed that the European vessels are just the same as any vessel came from Japan, Siam, and any other way. The European marine powers identified that the tribute system is not going to be an advantage for them. Initial powers attempted to devote the tribute system for the European benefit. However they did not succeed and played an ineffective role within it. Chinese from 1517 to 1800 had a worldview that developed by a diplomatic tradition which had defined a lot of expectations, values, and habits. This diplomatic tradition was generally a growth of the Chinese administration. China entitled every nation had contact with it to a place in its world order. People were not curious about the neo-Confucian and the general idea that foreign people did not deserve attention roughly specified how large foreign people are going to participate. The Chinese concern in that time was about maintaining their superiority, and secure their military weaknesses. The typical tradition of china was to benefit of the militant and pacifist approaches to take control of the groups who are non-Chinese. In return for peaceful cooperation they gave the pacifist trading opportunities. The world order of china was unified at the Chinese themselves which caused other groups to see the benefit of accepting China's worldview it worth the implying of superiority. Many nations such as Central Asia, Vietnam, and Siam accepted China's worldview. The Chinese world order showed an ideal in which how the world should be. The Chinese world order was all about the tribute system. The...
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