The Greatest Historian and His Contribution to Literature

Topics: Natalia Lafourcade, Amar te duele, Gloria Trevi Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Since she was very young, Natalia had a great interest in music, partly because her parents were musicians (her father is the French-Chilean musician Gastón Lafourcade). At three years old she began to sing and at four, she realized that she wanted to be an artist. She attended Instituto Anglo Español, a Catholic middle school. In her childhood and adolescence she studied painting, flute, theater, music, acting, piano, guitar, saxophone and singing. When she was 10, Natalia sang in a Mariachi group. She lived many years in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico, where she studied music with her mother, imitating artists like Gloria Trevi and Garibaldi. In 1998, Natalia was part of a girl trio called Twist. The group was unsuccessful and they split up the following year. Soon after, she began preparing to be a solo artist. When she was 17, Loris Ceroni gave Natalia the opportunity to be in a pop/rock group under his guidance, but when she wasn't sure, he encouraged her to go solo. Although Lafourcade didn't join the group, Loris Ceroni produced her first LP under the label of Sony Music. It was recorded in Italy and was cowritten with Aureo Baqueiro. Sabo Romo played in 2 songs. Natalia Lafourcade is a mix of pop, rock, bossa-nova and Latin rhythms. It features the songs "Busca Un Problema", "Elefantes", "Te Quiero Dar", "Mírame, Mírate", and her biggest hit, "En El 2000". In 2003, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Best New Artist category (she lost to David Bisbal) for her debut album. Also, she collaborated on the soundtrack of the Mexican movie Amar te duele and "Un Pato" for the movie Temporada de patos. In 2011 Natalia Lafourcade was nominated and won, for her work with Carla Morrison's Mientras tu dormías album, the Best New Producer of the Year award in the fourth edition of the Indie-O Music Awards.
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