The Great Gatsby Missing Chapter

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Love, Walking Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Parker Helms
Lit & Comp2
The Missing Girl
I saw Gatsby walk across his freshly cutgrass and on to my over grown, weed infested, disordered mess I call my lawn. He made his way to my door. When I answered it he said cheerfully “Hello old sport would you like to come to my place and have a drink”. I would love to I said. Once we got to his estate we took a seat on his handcrafted cathedra. We started to talk about the war we both served in together. He had spoken about how he had meet Daisy before the war and how they had loved each other. “Old sport once I got drafted to the army we wrote to each other every agonizing lonely day. The letters would come in and go out at a constant flow. She would always express her love and her desire to me to return at any moment. After a while the letters came back slowly and soon enough she had stopped replying. I replied with a troublesome affection. He went on, but one day I had gotten a letter. I was so exited it was from Daisy; I couldn’t wait to see what she had said to me and what was going on in her life. At that moment his face was absent of any amusement, he said. But once I opened the letter she had said, “Gatsby how I have missed you I had written you a letter but it had gotten ruined in a bathtub so here I go I will try again. Since you’ve been gone I have meet someone else. His name is Tom. We had a baby girl named Pammy. She is the cutest thing. I love you Gatsby I just couldn’t wait knowing that you could die at any moment or think the war would never end. So I had to move on.” As I looked against Gatsby I noticed that there was a shine in his eye and a drop falling down his cheek. At that time I also noticed that Gatsby was reading the actual letter and as I was looking he was folding it so precise and placed it back into his pocket. He wiped his tears and looked at me and said, “You know old sport I still love this girl, she stole my heart”. I didn’t want to be rude but I had to use the...
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