The Great Gasby Essay

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Every day thousands of people think about what it means to live the American Dream. F. Scott Fitzgerald is a well known American author whose most memorable book, The Great Gatsby, depicts characters with traits showing them living, which is the dream. The American Dream is a theme in this book that is essential to its plot development and several of the main characters encounter their own version of the American Dream. What is the true definition of the American Dream? It differs between many people and that it is no different in this book between the characters. Shaping the book into an interesting turn of events, Daisy, Nick, and Gatsby all stumble upon the American Dream, living their lives how each would want to. While Daisy’s life is taken over and fought over by the men in the book, Nick discovers love, Myrtle begins and ends a relationship with different people, and Gatsby finds out that life is not necessarily all about money and the woman that he loves, Daisy.

Daisy is considered a beautiful girl, although to the peripheral reader she may seem a bit perplexing. Daisy has feelings for Gatsby that have altered throughout their lives. Later in her life, Daisy may only like Gatsby for his riches and because of their previous relationship. Gatsby also has lived “the American Dream,” according to some of Daisy’s beliefs. He is rich, elegant, and has made a living by working hard, or so she thinks until it becomes clear that Gatsby is a bootlegger. Daisy does not know exactly what he has done in order to make all this money, but she doesn’t argue with it or question it. Her current husband, Tom, can represent the average husband, but he is the type of man that can sweet talk his way out of anything. For this reason, he takes advantage of Daisy by having an affair, but also because he is big and just a plain bully. Like Daisy, Tom loves his spouse, but there are times when this may not be so apparent. They come together and seemingly make the perfect couple...
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